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 Announcement: Cast/Crew Contributions  (1 2 )26Ken Cole9327
Ken Cole
 Announcement: Contribution Rules Update for 3.9.0  (1 2 3 4 )50Ken Cole17174
 Pinned: List of Accepted Birth Years with Documentation.  (1 2 3 ...274 )4382TheMadMartian193340
 Pinned: List of common name threads  (1 2 3 ...5 )64AiAustria25227
 Pinned: Titles with full casts submitted  (1 2 3 ...25 )390samuelrichardscott27965
 Pinned: List of proven INVALID Birth Years  (1 2 3 ...12 )188GreyHulk27011
 Pinned: Case types with Images: New  (1 2 3 ...14 )222DarklyNoon40094
 Pinned: Collected Statements from Invelos on contribution discussions  (1 2 3 ...5 )75VirusPil27349
 Pinned: Slip cases and slip covers with images  (1 2 3 ...9 )143northbloke33132
 Pinned: Developed By Master List  (1 2 )22The Movieman17205
The Movieman
 Pinned: Guidelines for using this forum0Ken Cole5456
Ken Cole
 Pinned: Manual Profiles Available to Share  (1 2 )29hal9g30794
 Pinned: Recent Contribution Rule/System Changes0Ken Cole9820
Ken Cole
 New additions taking longer than regular contributions again.5GreyHulk61
Danae Cassandra
 How long does contributions stay in limbo?6DJViking1448
 i cant add a dvd collection8eddiegravestock73
The Movieman
 Common name for Jesse Lasky Jnr. / Jesse Lasky Jnr / Jesse L. Lasky Jr. / Jesse L. Lasky, Jr. / Jesse L. Lasky / Jesse Lasky / Jesse Lasky Jr. / Jesse Lasky, Jr. / Jesse Lasky Jr2ninso427
 Common name: Frances Esemplare / Francis Esemplare / Frances Ensemplare2Mad Rockatansky20
Mad Rockatansky
 Common name Peter (Swords) King7Deacon78154
 Common name: Louis Eppolito / Lou Eppolito4Mad Rockatansky49
 Common name: Henry Escalante / Henry A. Escalante / Blackie Escalante1Mad Rockatansky20
 Common name: Leslie Carlson / Les Carlson  (1 2 )17Mad Rockatansky899
Mad Rockatansky
 Jack the Giant Killer11GSyren160
 Common name for Mai Wells / May Wells / Mae Wells / ?0ninso428
 Common name: Mark Ellis / Robert Ellis / Marc Ellis / Mark Robert Ellis5Mad Rockatansky90
 Common name: Ray Mancini / Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini / Ray 'Boom Boom' Mancini8Mad Rockatansky232
Mad Rockatansky
 Common name: Chris Britton / Christopher Britton14Mad Rockatansky585
Mad Rockatansky
 Common name: Vince Deadrick, Sr. / Vince Deadrick / Vincent Deadrick / Paul Deadrick15Mad Rockatansky503
Mad Rockatansky
 Common name: George Kee Cheung / George Cheung / George Chung / George Kee / George Lee Cheung / George Kee Chung / George K. Cheung / George Chang / George 'Kee' Cheung  (1 2 )23Mad Rockatansky694
Mad Rockatansky
 Common name: Greg Elam / Greg Wayne Elam / Gregg Elam / Greg W. Elam / Gregory W. Elam4Mad Rockatansky101
Mad Rockatansky
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