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 Announcement: Cast/Crew Contributions  (1 2 )26Ken Cole12991
Ken Cole
 Announcement: Contribution Rules Update for 3.9.0  (1 2 3 4 )50Ken Cole20598
 Pinned: List of Accepted Birth Years with Documentation.  (1 2 3 ...290 )4628TheMadMartian201954
 Pinned: List of proven INVALID Birth Years  (1 2 3 ...13 )207GreyHulk30568
 Pinned: List of common name threads  (1 2 3 ...5 )69AiAustria31988
 Pinned: Slip cases and slip covers with images  (1 2 3 ...10 )145northbloke36232
The Movieman
 Pinned: Titles with full casts submitted  (1 2 3 ...25 )390samuelrichardscott30711
 Pinned: Case types with Images: New  (1 2 3 ...14 )222DarklyNoon43101
 Pinned: Collected Statements from Invelos on contribution discussions  (1 2 3 ...5 )75VirusPil30087
 Pinned: Developed By Master List  (1 2 )22The Movieman19951
The Movieman
 Pinned: Guidelines for using this forum0Ken Cole6227
Ken Cole
 Pinned: Manual Profiles Available to Share  (1 2 )29hal9g33173
 Pinned: Recent Contribution Rule/System Changes0Ken Cole10339
Ken Cole
 Common name for re-recording mixer Tom/Thomas Ryan7T!M365
 Common name for sound editor Michael/Mike (O')Corrigan12T!M517
 Common Name Wendy M. Craig / Wendy Craig15JOHNNYV4319
 Common name: Clara Hopf / Clara Hope / Yara Kewa1Mad Rockatansky27
Mad Rockatansky
 Common name: Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia / Ivan Scratuglia / Ivan Giovanni Scratuglia / Giovanni Scratuglia / Ivan G. Scratuglia / Ivan Scraduglia / Ivan G. Scrat / Ivan G. Scott / Ivan Scratt / G. Ivan Scratuglia / Ivan Stratton / Ivan Scratulia  (1 2 3 )36Mad Rockatansky3052
Mad Rockatansky
 Common name: Carlos Cervantes / Gary Cervantes / Gary Carlos Cervantes / Gary "Carlos" Cervantes / Gary 'Carlos' Cervantes / Gary Carlos Cerbantes / Carlos Gary Cervantes / Carlos "Gary" Cervantes  (1 2 3 )32Mad Rockatansky2241
Mad Rockatansky
 Common name thread for Stephen Lewis / Stephen C. Lewis / Stiggidy Steve1AiAustria43
Mad Rockatansky
 Common name for Scott (D.) Smith - Production Sound Mixer/Sound Re-recording Mixer  (1 2 )30huskersports4934
 2 Disc Set Question4SpikyCactus106
 Common Name: Cyril Mockridge/Cyril J. Mockridge (Composer: 1930's-1960's)13Merrik3776
 DVD ID part of a new Boxed Set3ccla121
 Common name for sound editor William/Bill (R.) Dean  (1 2 )18T!M6089
 Common name: Samson Burke / Sam Burke1Mad Rockatansky107
Mad Rockatansky
 Does DFX Supervisor = Digital Effects Supervisor?2CubbyUps108
 Common name: Ettore Garofolo / Ettore Garofalo2Mad Rockatansky124
Mad Rockatansky
 Common name for Allan/Alan/Al/Allen (A.) Apone - Make-Up Artist  (1 2 3 4 )50huskersports9868
 Common name for Thomas / Thom Floutz  (1 2 3 )41huskersports6338
Pitch Black
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