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PluginsNew posts in this threadTool: CLTinfo
Aha! Major revelation for me. Thanks for that.
Edit: I hadn't noticed the menu option in the bottom right corner, "Load From Report". Super simple.

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadPinned: List of Accepted Birth Years with Documentation.  (1 2 3 ...329 )

Josh Wood (1978)
Stunt, actor
Terminator: Dark Fate, CSI: NY (TV Series), Trial & Error (TV Series)

Josh Wood (19??)
The Principal

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name Bettina Weiß / Bettina Weiss  (1 2 )
Das Traumschiff: Mauritius: Bettina Weiß - (Costume Designer)

Verpiss dich, Schneewitchen: Bettina Weiß - (Costume Designer)

Desktop Technical SupportNew posts in this threadDisc-Id Problem
Quoting Magmadrag:
I only could solve it another way: Just connected an external drive and - wonder oh wonder - this one recognizes the discs. Still don't understand what happened, but at least it works now

And to answer: Don't use any of them.... I usually don't need them and adding more software I maybe need once a year (or once a life) is nto the way I like it

Glad you solved it.

New Users ForumNew posts in this threadimage export with bluray bar on top possible?
i have just bought the license key for dvd profiler.
as i'm buying a lot of blurays, i thought it was definitely worth it.
once a while i do sell blurays also, and for that i wanted to make use of the hires images, but i realized that the images are not complete, because of the missing bluray bar on top.
i have looked into creating a report myself, but not 100% there yet. also, i just would prefer a more easy way, like an export my complete collection to images with the blu-ray bar on top.

is there a possibility to do this?

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name for André Benjamin / Andre Benjamin / André 3000 / Andre 3000  (1 2 )
'Dispatches From Elsewhere: Season 1': Andre Benjamin

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name: Derek G. Brechin / Derek Brechin
Deep Blue Sea – Derek G. Brechin (one of three editors)

Contribution DiscussionNew posts in this threadCommon name: Murray P. Stern / Murray Stern
From the count of titles, for now, the common name is:

Murray P. Stern

Mad Rockatansky
Android Technical SupportNew posts in this threadCompatibility with Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G?
Hi, I just got the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G and received a warning that there may be compatibility issue. Have anyone experienced significant issues with a new Galaxy phone?  Thank you.

DVD Profiler OnlineNew posts in this threadWhat Blu-rays have you Bought this Week  (1 2 3 ...298 )

All Regions

Released: 30/12/1899

Widescreen 2.40:1

DVD Profiler OnlineNew posts in this threadWhat DVDs have you bought this week?  (1 2 3 ...435 )
Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railways: The Complete Series Five

All Regions

Released: 30/12/1899

Anamorphic 1.78:1


Region 4

Released: 13/05/2020

Widescreen 2.40:1

Ghosts of War

Region 4

Released: 30/12/1899

Anamorphic 2.40:1