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As always, much appreciated and thank you, Gunnar! 
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Your collection is perfectly visible from where I'm sitting:

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And before you do any of that: read the Contribution Rules - on this forum: Database / Tools / Contribution Rules.
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At first sight I'd be inclined to go for option two, using the Alternate versions feature for the feature films and episode dividers for the shorts on the disc profiles. I'd choose this option since the feature films are not "subordinate" to the shorts on the disc profiles - therefore I think the profiles for the feature films should be on the same level as the profiles containing the shorts.
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Totally agree. This should be entered as OMB.
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You seem to harbour the misconception that any of the people here have any influence on this. Everyone on these forums is merely a fellow user with no influence whatsoever on what is going on at Invelos (or lack thereof).

Unfortunately, the company owner, Ken Cole, has not been communicating for a couple of years now, and the program has not seen any updates. The only things still working are new profiles and profile updates getting accepted into the database and these forums being up and running. Other than that, nothing, I'm afraid.

Support tickets have gone unanswered for years as well.

So I reckon the only way to get your friend's problem sorted would be to contact Invelos. But that seems to be exceedingly difficult to accomplish these days... 
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