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Quoting ObiKen:
Agree, because any new Windows 10/11 DVD Disc-ID profile is accessible to ALL Windows 10/11 users and that is for the betterment of the community. To date, there has not been a single instance of a duplicate DVD disc-ID reported on Windows 10/11.

As I understand it, Profiler stores all disc IDs for a single profile and only returns results to the user if one of those IDs matches the disc they have in their drive.

If that is the case, and what you say is true, is this really an issue?  If, as GeyHulk hopes, Microsoft 'fixes' this problem, it just means those numbers will sit there doing no harm...or have I missed something?
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Quoting Kornelia:
this might become a legal affair.

Based on what damages?  Your 'friend' paid for software, which he is still able to use, so he is getting what he paid for.  Unless I missed something, Invelos has no legal obligation to allow him to contribute or participate in the forums.
Abuse of power never was and never will be acceptable. Not even in this tiny forum.

Ken may be guilty of a lot of things...lack of communication being the worst...but abuse of power has never been one of them.  The fact that he is still paying to keep the lights on shows that he still cares about the people that use his software.  The fact that he has the power to shut this place down and has chosen not to speaks volumes...at least to me it does.  Would I prefer that he was more involved?  Yes, but the software does what I need it to do, so I am happy.

All of that being said, I know Ken...and we all know who your 'friend' is.  Based on what I know and have seen, my guess is that your 'friend' isn't telling you the whole story.  If he was banned from contributing...unless it was a glitch...there was a good reason.
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I just entered one of your titles, "The History of the ECW 1994 as told by Shane Douglas", and it came back as "The History of the ECW 1994 as Told by Shane Douglas".

As scott said, after much debate, we settled on the AP standard which indicates that the following words should not be capitalized:

  • Articles (a, an, the)

  • Short (fewer than 5 letters)

  • Coordinating Conjunctions (and, but, for)

  • Prepositions (at, by, from, etc.)
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    Quoting LKanne:
    For me the "Head of Department Prosthetics" is a valid credit within Make-up Effects.

    The "Prosthetics Concept Design" seems to me as invalid

    I agree with this as well.  Prosthetic is specified in the Make-up Effects section of the rule and, since Department Head is a valid Make-up Artist credit, I don't see why it shouldn't be here as well.

    No creature is mentioned so I wouldn't use Creature Designer...though I do like the thought.  Fun fact...for me it's a fun fact...not only is he the department head, but he is also the owner.
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    For what it's worth, as of November 2021, Invelos Software, Inc was still a "Business in Good Standing" with Kenneth Cole listed as Director.  So, the business is still open he may just be concentrating on things that actually generate income.
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