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Is the App already iPhone X ready or will this be done in the next days?


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We need two new BY's for Dean Smith in the database. There is a Dean Smith in the database with a BY 1931, but this is wrong, IMDb hast 1932 and he himself writes in Facebook 15. January 1932.

Dean Smith (1932)
Actor in Rio Bravo, Rio Lobo, Big Jake, Raw Deal, The Sugarland Express, Rhinestone and others

Dean Smith (1990)
Actor in many TV-series like The Last Kingdom, Doctors, The Great Train Robbery and others

Dean Smith (????)
Actor in Snatch
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Depending if you were in the own, bought or wishlist it will add it there. Did you look into them, best see in the first tab ALL if it is there and if yes in all the 3 lists to find it.

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