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Thanks - I think I tried changing the locality (later on, after adding it to my local DB) but it still would not match it with the online profile...will try again next time...

It's also always confused me that the Validate EAN Entry box that pops up when adding an unrecognised disc seems to be for DVDs only, i.e. it has Region 1-6 selector which would be incorrect for blu-rays and inapplicable for 4Ks. Does it matter what I put in there?

Thanks again for reply and suggestion...
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I am sure this used to work but it's no longer doing so for me...

When adding a disc that's not found in the online DB I just enter the EAN and title for my local profile. Then later when doing a profile refresh I am sure it used to work that if somebody else (because I am too lazy) had added the disc to the online DB, that my local 'profile' would get overwritten with the full profile.

But now this never seems to work - when trying to refresh profiles/images for my 'stub' local profiles it just says 'Unable to download file' which AFAIK just means it thinks it can't find that disc online. It behaves this way even when the EAN I have entered exactly matches one in the online DB.

Right now the only way I can get the online profile is to remove my original disc from the collection then re-add the disc. But I am sure this used to be easier...am I missing something? Has it ever worked the way described above? How do others deal when adding 'missing' discs (usually new releases) to collections?

Topic Replies: 2, Topic Views: 1216
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