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Following confirmed from film's opening credits (Art Director):

Bells are Ringing: Preston Ames
Billy Rose's Jumbo: Preston Ames
Designing Woman: Preston Ames

Home From the Hill: Preston Ames
It Happened at the World's Fair: Preston Ames
Kismet (1955): Preston Ames

Live a Little, Love a Little: Preston Ames
The Outriders (1950): Preston Ames
Where the Boys Are (1960): Preston Ames
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I believe both "Moby Dick" and "Kind Hearts and Coronets" are invalid.

Based on this BFI link , the Ealing Studio soundman John Mitchell, who worked on "The African Queen", also worked on "Moby Dick" and "Kind Hearts and Coronets".

This is the BFI Filmography for John W. Mitchell (1917).
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John W. Mitchell  -  SOUND credits confirmed:

•  Morning Departure (1950) - aka Operation Disaster in Canada/USA
•  Malta Story (1953)
•  Doctor in the House (1954)
•  Reach for the Sky (1956)
•  The Grass is Greener (1960)
•  Arabesque (1966)
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Married with Children: The Complete Sixth Season: PETE STEINFELD as Rock Turboman
(in Episode 10 - "Kelly Does Hollywood: Part 2")
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Quoting GSyren:
I don't like any of the alternatives. My choice would be:
- Motion Capture Performers should be considered part of the cast only if listed with a role.

Agree with your assessment.

It doesn't matter whether it's a live-action performer or a motion-capture performer, if their name and role name appears in the cast credits then it is entered as a cast member in the profile, as per cast rules.

We accept Roddy McDowell's cast credit when his performance was hidden behind physical make-up effects throughout the film Planet of the Apes, so why should we object to Andy Serkis's cast credit when his performance was hidden behind digital make-up effects throughout the film Dawn of the Planet of the Apes?
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Just for clarification, are we including Motion Capture Performers who voice their performance in this poll?

Does the "NO" option mean Motion Capture Performers like Andy Serkis ("Caesar", "Gollum") or Ahmed Best ("Jar Jar Binks") should have their cast credits removed?
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Hans Christian Andersen: Harry Stradling @ 00:00:59 (Director of Photography)
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I believe the correct entry for Clayton Big Eagle is as follows:

First Name: Clayton
Last Name: Big Eagle

Refer following links:
•  full name "Clayton Z. Big Eagle"
•  IMDB record

Could not find definitive information on Maretta Big Crow, but the usage of last names "Big Eagle" and "Big Crow" were made by:
Big Eagle (Dakota tribe in South Dakota)
Big Crow (Cheyenne tribe in Montana and Dakota tribe in South Dakota)
  where Dakota tribe = {Brule, Dakota, Hunkpapa, Lakota, Oglala, Sans Arc, Santee, Sioux, Sisseton, Wahpeton}

as per reference: Surnames in English of Native American Origin

Based on the last reference, I would have for Maretta Big Crow:
First Name: Maretta
Last Name: Big Crow

Hope that helps.
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The playback frame rate will depend on your disc player settings as well as your TV input configurations.
It wasn't clear whether you were using the same TV for both Blu-ray and 4K players, but I suspect they were different TVs as well.

The difference in your times mentioned equates in seconds to 6263 (new) / 6271 (old) = 99.872% approx.

It just so happens that the NTSC frames per second (fps) for film is 23.976 fps (progressive) and 29.97 fps (interlace), rather than the normal 24 fps (progressive) / 30 fps (interlace).

If you divide progressive 23.976 by 24 (or divide interlace 29.97 by 30), you get 99.9% as the ratio.

I suspect that the older Blu-ray/TV setup played the film at a slower NTSC rate @ 23.976 fps (or interlace 29.97 fps) and the newer 4K/TV played at the normal film rate @ 24 fps (or interlace 30 fps).
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Couple of reasons why I voted NO on the topic:

•  Sony Pictures Classics Inc. is a corporation, incorporated 12-Feb-1992, jurisdiction Delaware.

•  A branch corporation with the same name was incorporated 18-Nov-1992, jurisdiction California
    The branch corporation's statement of information lists business type as "MOTION PICTURE PRODUCTION".

•  The front cover shows SONY PICTURES CLASSICS™, that is a registered trademark, not a plain text title.
    Since when do we use registered trademarks for Edition?

•  Do we consider the company "STUDIOCANAL" an edition?
    I see this on the front cover of many 4K and Blu-ray releases, yet no one (to date) enters it as an edition.
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Black Widow (1987):  Virginia A. Cook (Sound Editor @ 01:40:33)

Maverick: Virginia Cook (Sound Editor @ 02:03:50)

The Rookie (1990): Virginia Cook-McGowan (Sound Editor @ 01:58:13)
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Read this previous forum discussion on the topic here, it may help.

In particular, note hpopp's excellent "how-to" PDF document.
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King Rat @ 02:08:03 (PAL format)  "Dino" ==> Joseph Turkel

The Carpetbaggers - no credit received.
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I assume both scans are of equal quality, in which case, I agree with you, the original scan stays extant, as per the rules.

However, if the original scan was poor quality and the new revised scan (with correction) was superior in quality, wouldn't the rules allow it to supersede the original?
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The crew credit rule states as follows:

"Group names of crew members together within each role available and list in exactly the same order credited."

Accordingly, we list crew members in each section (Producers, Writing, Film Editing, Sound, Art, etc.), in order of their appearance in the film's credits (opening credits first, followed by end credits).

The crew member name will be subject to a common name/CLT check, so it doesn't matter whether their name for the same crew role is different in the opening/end credits, there will be only one common name.

That's why I voted taking the credit from the opening credits, as per rules.
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What about this justification for "making of .." documentary being a bonus feature film:
Not a featurette because the disc was released years after the documentary was produced and was therefore not produced to accompany the disc.

Where in the rules does it state a documentary regarding the film is no longer considered a featurette based on when the documentary was produced and when the DVD/Blu-ray/4K disc was initially and subsequently released?

I was dumbfounded when the screener approved it. Did the screener make a serious error in judgement?
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SCOTT FREE is Ridley Scott's shingle for his American film and television production company "Scott Free Productions, Inc."

SCOTT FREE "Linked in" site clearly states their headquarters is West Hollywood, California:

The Wikipedia article on the company contains misleading errors as follows:
•  states Scott Free Productions is a British company founded in 1970 (incorrect, its a Californian company whose name was established on 18-Feb-1997).

•  it contradicts by listing Scott Free Enterprises founded in 1970 in the right hand company details box (SFE was incorporated 21-Jul-1972 and subsequently re-named as Road Film Productions on 10-Mar-1994 and dissolved 24-Nov-2020).

•  formed development company Percy Main Productions in 1980 (incorrect, its a Californian company incorporated 04-Dec-1989, dissolved 10-Dec-1993). There were only four films listed from 1991-1994 with Percy Main Productions, which coincides with the time the Californian company existed.

•  Percy Main company was renamed to Scott Free Productions in 1995
  (incorrect, PM dissolved in 1993, Californian company Soundbyte Productions, Inc., incorporated 18-Apr-1995, changed its name to Scott Free Productions, Inc. on 18-Feb-1997).

•  Headquarter listing has no citation. The SCOTT FREE web site (https://scottfree.com/contact) listed 18 contact officers in the US office (which includes the company's President, Vice-President, Chief Executive Officer, Director of Development,..) whilst the UK office has just a single contact officer (Executive Producer). So how did the Wiki author conclude there were two headquarters?

•  lists "RSA Films" as parent company, incorrect, both companies are separate independent companies.

Hope that provides the clarity you seek on how to interpret SCOTT FREE.
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The  Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences defines "Original Song" as follows:

"An original song consists of words and music, both of which are original and written specifically for the motion picture. There must be a clearly audible, intelligible, substantive rendition (not necessarily visually presented) of both lyric and melody, used in the body of the motion picture or as the first music cue in the end credits."

So, if only one component of the song has changed (lyrics only or music only) then it is not considered an original song written specifically for the motion picture by the Academy.
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Replacement Blu-ray disc received as well.

For reference, the following sizes/dates for the file 00012.mts in the BDMV/STREAM folder and DVDP Disc IDs are:

•  defective original Blu-ray disc  ==> 24,490,506 KB dated 07-Sep-2020
    DVD Profiler Disc ID: 18E2FB4B863E6223 [THE GHOST BREAKERS]

•  fixed replacement Blu-ray disc ==> 23,786,700 KB dated 03-Nov-2020
    DVD Profiler Disc ID: CA751816B171BB82 [THE GHOST BREAKERS]
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The film was originally released in France on 07-May-1997.

I voted for The Fifth Element as the original title based on the following two references:

== > The French film magazine Première lists original title as The Fifth Element with original release date 07-May-1997:
        •  https://www.premiere.fr/film/Le-Cinquieme-Element

        NOTE: Theatrical distributor GBVI (Gaumont Buena Vista International) is listed for the 07-May-1997 release in France.

==>  Cannes Film Festival (07-18 May, 1997) also shows The Fifth Element under the French title:
        •  https://www.festival-cannes.com/en/73-editions/retrospective/1997/selection/out-of-competition
        •  https://www.festival-cannes.com/en/films/le-cinquieme-element
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Quoting T!M:
The company was first registered in the UK on January 27, 1995, then as "Milepoint Limited". The name was changed to "Scott Free Films Limited" in 2004, but the company number/registration stayed the same. There's a full "filing history" (PDF's included) available at https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/03015176.

I can't find that kind of information on the LA office.

Ridley Scott's production company in the US is "Scott Free Productions, Inc.". This Californian company name has been active since 18-Feb-1997.

In addition, there is another Californian company name, "Scott Free, Inc.", which was incorporated on 04-Nov-1993 as "Hadrian's Wall Films, Inc. before being renamed to "Scott Free, Inc." on 22-Sep-2004.

In the UK, Ridley Scott's production company was "Scott-Free Enterprises Limited" from 21-Jul-1972 to 10-Mar-1994 (it was renamed to Road Film Productions Limited which dissolved on 24-Nov-2020).

The UK company name "Scott Free Films Limited" was only active from 10-Sep-2004, but I couldn't find this name in the IMDB companies search engine.

My only conclusion is that Ridley Scott's US and UK companies are different companies and consequently, will have different COO's.
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Quoting Elwood Blues:
Should we add a second audio track to record what type of Atmos track is actually encoded on the disc?

No. Dolby ATMOS is backward compatible with older systems, but so is Dolby TrueHD (==> Dolby Digital 5.1) and DTS-HD Master Audio (==> DTS Digital Surround).

Are we going to advocate for different types of Dolby TrueHD audio tracks or DTS-HD Master Audio tracks because older home systems report a different audio track?

Of course not, the rules are very clear, we list the encoded tracks on the disc, not the decoded tracks reported by incompatible home systems.
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For the film "Unknown" (2011), country of origin should be USA / France / United Kingdom, based on the film's text credits for locality Australia, as follows:

Film run time = 01:53:11 (113 mins).

Opening credits at 00:00:31 displayed the following title pages:
IN ASSOCIATION WITH DARK CASTLE ENTERTAINMENT      <== this is USA, formed by producer Joel
                                                                                              Silver and others in 1999.
              A PANDA PRODUCTION                                        <== this is USA, "Panda Productions, Inc."
                                                                                                formed by producer Leonard Goldstein
_______________________________________                            in 1984.

End credits at 01:49:27 displayed:
          STUDIOCANAL                                                          <== this is France

          PRODUCED AT

End credits at 01:52:38 displayed:

                  HORTICUS UK LTD                                          <== this is U.K.
      ZWÖLFTE BABELSBERG FILM GmbH                              <== this is Germany
                  STUDIOCANAL S.A.                                          <== this is France.
      DEUTERSCHER FILMFORDERFÖNDS (DFFF)                    <== this is Germany.
  MEDIENBOARD BERLIN-BRANDENBURG GmbH                    <== this is Germany.

Film's copyright at 01:52:49 displayed:
    © 2011 DARK CASTLE HOLDINGS, LLC                    <== this is USA (refer
          ALL RIGHTS RESERVED                                            https://uspto.report/copyright/24702898) for                               
______________________________________                      confirmation.

End credits at 01:53:06 displayed:
        Distributed by
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Don't forget the floppy disk drive (1967) and the audio vinyl disc, they were different spellings as well.
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Quoting DJ Doena:
Quoting ObiKen:
Quoting DJ Doena:
For localities outside the title's Country of Origin, there can only be one original release title based on the OT rule ("use the original release title"). There is no subjective interpretation involved.

Yes there is. You subjectively interpret "use the original release title" as "The official John Wick twitter site announced the original release title" instead of "use the title from the film's credits".

I think we have been discussing at cross-purposes, so I should clarify by stating I did not use the film's credits because the cover title and film credit title were the same.

The credit block on the back cover indicated a different title, so after researching I found several reliable references (official John Wick Twitter site, CARA Film Ratings, LIONSGATE distributor) that corroborated the title on the back cover was indeed the original release title.
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