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Quoting Fingerlakes Dave:
Here's a thought for your customized covers: copy the "covers" folder from the appropriate place in the DVD Profiler structure to the correct place on your SD card. When you transfer over, overwrite the contents to ensure you get the custom covers. When you transfer everything to the tablet, remember to transfer this folder.
Time-consuming, but it works.    (I recently had to do to match my laptop database with my PC.)

Thanks for the hint!

Just wished I could figure out how to get my tablet to connect to my PC as don't want to connect since the Win10-Fall 2017 updates.
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Quoting kd5:
Thinking of buying DVD Profiler for Android, wanted to ask how simple it will be to update the database once it's installed on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 tablet using a USB cable..... .....Also, can I maintain the DVDP backup on the tablet SD card?  Don't want to consume that much space on the tablet drive...

Due to my protection software on my PC I am unable to sync from the PC via WIFI or Direct connect via USB.
Saving a backup copy to SD card and restoring from SD card, I lost customized covers and media banners.
The only way I have been able to load my collection to my Android tablet has been via WIFI from the collection I upload to the 'DVDPro / invelos' servers.
My tablets have been: RCA(WalMart Xmas special) w/Android 6.0
/ Amazon Fire 7" / Amazon Fire HD 7" / Amazon Fire HD 10"
/ Generic 7" Win10
<=all with the latest updates <=
The first install of the data base took what seemed like days..
But new add's updates (after PC save to the cloud) are the same speed as the PC upload... so the number of discs and updates cause the time to very... most of the time I turn off any sleep function and connect to charger and start the update process and go to bed... ...when I get up the next morning the process is finished... I have found after the update it is best to reboot the table for all update to display correctly.... this happens on all seven tablets listed above.

Comment: I just wished I had the knowledge to strip all software from the 7" tablet(s) and have DVDPro be the only functioning software... as this would open up a large amount of memory and storage space.
Topic Replies: 13, Topic Views: 6734
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