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will play around with it this weekend, many thx
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Quoting movie_madness:
I took matters into my own hands several years ago and made my own cataloguing tool. Disc collecting is already a niche, especially in the era of streaming. If you have a collection so great you need cataloguing, then you belong to a niche of a niche. Other tools like DVD Profiler, All My Movies, Collectorz, Ant Movie Collection, Eric's Movie Database, My Movies Collection, etc. (and I've tried them all) will eventually go the way of DVD Aficionado, the disc cataloguing site that closed last year. Not to mention, they all lack certain features I need. So I used my database and programming skills (used in my day job) to create my own movie database:


It can also be accessed on the Internet:


A big time-saver is that I'm able to import a movie's complete IMDb cast and crew with just one click, which no other tool I know can do.  DVD Profiler has a plugin that imports IMDB cast & crew, but you need to manually copy and paste.  I don't even have to do that.  One mouse-click and everything is imported.

Any commercial tool you use, including Blu-ray.com, is going to risk discontinuation down the road. IMDb used to have a movie-cataloguing feature too, which many of you must have forgotten. Even a site as successful as IMDb had to cut this feature because it was so niche. Therefore, I don't know what other way to do this long-term except take matters into your own hands.

This looks amazing, do you make this available for others too?
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Quoting zappman:
Production year, rating, US release date, runtime, genres, director(s), writer(s), main actors, plot, language, country, IMDb id, type (movie/TV show), DVD release date, studios.


this would be a very welcome tool!
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Thanks for all your hard work, maybe you will reconsider your decision over time.

I agree with mediadogg, you should at least let us now who that user is.
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I will give this a try now

EDIT: Where do i find the tool?
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I am at 130
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nice end of the year surprise, thx a  lot
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