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Report categories
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DVD Profiler Unlimited RegistrantAussieLiz
Registered: May 25, 2007
Australia Posts: 15
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Dear report contributors and users,

While I’m immensely grateful to those of you who write reports for DVDP I don’t really find the categories that they are listed in all that useful.

“Pricing” and “With Images” seem straight forward enough, but how a report can be simultaneously “Simple” and “Detailed” perplexes me. "Full page" seems to be interpreted by most as that the page is filled with any number of records. As a page that is not “full” is very rare, I had rather expected it to mean a full, detailed page for one record. It looks like many contributors just tick all the boxes.

Having searched reasonably carefully I can’t find any guidelines as to what the categories mean. Does anyone know?

I generally lurk because I don’t have a lot to say, but I’m prepared to put up a suggestion.

Simple –Only includes basic information such as that which is normally coded via the general tab , personal notes, and/or loan and local collection records. May or may not include images and pricing.

Detailed – In addition to any information normally found in a simple report, includes significant additional detail coded elsewhere, eg. cast, crew or overview. May or may not include images and pricing. It is unlikely that one report would be tagged both as simple and detailed.

Full page – One title per (reasonably) full page, not just that the page is filled with multiple records.

Pricing – includes RRP and/or Price Paid.

With images –self-evident.

Also a couple of suggestions for the DVDP Developers

As a metric sized paper user I’d appreciate some additional paper size categories. Letter, Legal, Executive, A4 and A5 paper sizes are currently allowed (sadly no landscape) but finding those that I can use is a bit hit and miss, ie. you have to download to check. Could there be searchable paper size categories please?

And while I’m rocking the boat might I also suggest a threshold number of review votes (3 to 5?) before review stars are awarded. One enthusiastic 5 star endorsement may be useful, may be the author’s best friend ...

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