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Easter Egg Hunt! (Locked)
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Invelos Software, Inc. RepresentativeKen Cole
Invelos Software
Registered: March 10, 2007
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With Easter here it's time for our annual Easter Egg hunt!  Don't remember last year's hunt?  That's because it's new!

Our easter bunny egg (see the logo above) has found his way into the deepest darkest corners of our site.  Some are easy to find and others... not so much.

Counting the logo above, there are ten eggs hidden throughout the site.  Make a list, check it twice... wait, that's Christmas... ok just check it once, but make sure you've got all ten.  Then, PM your list to me.  The first one to post all ten locations exactly and correctly wins:

$30 Amazon.com gift certificate
      -- AND--
Reputation points equivalent to one star!

Good luck and happy hunting!  If the prize isn't claimed by end of day Easter, we'll put out some hints to help out.

EDIT: Hold on to those lists! In order to make the contest fair to those who aren't browsing the site this evening (slackers!), we'll be adding one more egg Easter morning at 10:00 AM US Eastern time.  All eleven will be required to win!
Invelos Software, Inc. Representative
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