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My Strange Contributions
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DVD Profiler Unlimited Registrant_Rick_
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I have several minor updates to many titles I've been holding off on waiting for things to smooth over a little bit with the new database. I decided to try a couple last night and see it was worth holding of on the dozens of others I have on standby. I tried to submit only 2 of them yesterday and find that some info I did not intend to contribute seemed to be showing up. When I double and triple checked what was being submitted it showed as ok from my end, but from some notes I recieved there seems to be some info getting through to other users that is not showing on my end. I checked again a few minutes ago before withdrawing them both and they still showed as ok from end, but because of the notes I did withdraw them just in case.

All I was submitting was simple Disc ID info and for some reason others are seeing Title changes and Overview changes. This is strange, because I did check and check again to make sure I was only selecting the Disc ID check box before submitting.

Has anyone else ran across this in your submittions?
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