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Web links to Amazon US
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Do you use The Digital Bits to find info on new US releases? If you do, and you don't live in the US you might have noticed that clicking the links doesn't take you to Amazon US. At least that's what happens for me. I get redirected to Amazon UK, and that is of course no good if I'm looking for US releases.

The solution isn't too complicated. A link might look like this:
That link is supposed to take me to the bluray of Karloff's "The Ape", but it links me to "Planet of the Apes" in Amazon UK. Not quite the same thing. 

All you need to do is to copy the link address, paste it in the browser, remove that last part after the ASIN code, and the link will work. And that's fine for a single link. But it soon gets old when you want to look at another title and another title ...

So I thought to myself that since I have learned how to intercept link clicks I can remove that last bit automatically and then go to the correct URL at Amazon US. Fair enough, that works.

But there are other sites that use "short URLs", like this:
Looking at these URLs I saw no obvious way to stop them from being incorrectly redirected by Amazon. But ... not being one who gives up at the first hurdle¹, I did some research and found a way to convert the short URLs to regular URLs. And once I had a regular URL I could remove all the stuff that wasn't necessary and get a working URL out of that.

So I have a working tool, but it's quite rudimentary. I'm not sure if anyone else is interested. It's rather specific, and not very useful for those in the US. And since it uses the CEFSharp browser it's big, about 200 MB.

Still, if anyone is interested, PM me, and I'll se what I can do about making it available.

¹The second hurdle is another matter, though.
My freeware tools for DVD Profiler users.
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