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Quoting ollie501:
I’ve just noticed this as well, as I was planning on buying a new iPad, and checking that my apps would all be ok. It’s still on the Google Play Store, but not the App Store for iOS. Is DVD Profiler dead? I know it hasn’t been updated for a few years, but as it works ok, that’s not too much of an issue. But if it can’t be reinstalled, what alternatives are there? I use my iPad app daily, and would be screwed without it.

Your New Ipad will detact your old one and ask if you want to transfer its content.
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it works perfectly
Topic Replies: 3, Topic Views: 601
and its still working on IOS 15
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The LE Howl at The Devil is listed by Disc ID as there is no UPC number for it - The standard release should have a UPC
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good to see everything back to normal
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Looks like Apple have made some changes to the app which fixes some of teh iphone X issues
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alternativly, go to the profile that has the picture you want. Right click on the large picture and select copy. Go to the opther profiles right click on the blank photo and select paste
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